What is Family Business 2.0?

Sustainability seems to be a trendy buzz word lately. Businesses are becoming more aware of practices and impacts and the smart businesses are taking action to improve and reduce. Sustainability though has become somewhat synonymous with green and socially responsible.

Family businesses though often have a very different definition of “sustainable.” There is a wealth of data available on the impact of family businesses to the US and global economy. Check here for starters. Many of these family businesses have been in existence long before SR was in and sustainable takes on added weight when attempting to keep the business in family or just in business for 100+ years.

My goal with Family Business 2.0 is to write, share and highlight those businesses, their practices and what is working and often not working to keep a business sustainable. Often, it does mean the business is reducing it’s carbon footprint or moving towards a more socially responsible practice.

I invite you to comment, share and follow this community.

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