Is Facebook Really a Business Tool?

We are in a time of rapid evolution of social media. As Facebook and Twitter continued to grab the headlines, the application of these sites to business purposes remains a mystery for some. Coupled with the steady surge in social media and a slew of new networks, confusion remains for many business owners where to start.

This Thursday, December 10, the Vermont Family Business Initiative will be hosting a webinar specifically for business owners to come together and learn about using Facebook for their business. The webinar is led by Nicole Ravlin of People Making Good and will also feature Sara Byers, Vice President of Leonardo’s Pizza and Jenny Vincent, Marketing Manager for Trapp Family Lodge, both Vermont Family Businesses with a strong online presence and audience. In addition to these resource experts, we will be joined by nearly 30 business owners from as far away as New Jersey and California.

The webinar is open to members of the Vermont Family Business Initiative. In addition, several members of the Rutgers Family Business Institute will be participating as well, prompting the South Jersey Business Trends to feature an article on New ad tool for business.

This fast paced and interactive webinar will cover some basic Facebook questions like what is the difference between Fan Pages and Group as well as securing a distinct URL for your Facebook page. In addition, there will be focus on the important of personal voice and building your base of fans. Currently, the webinar is full, but email me at to be added to the waitlist.

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