How to Tweet in 5 Minutes or Less, and Why You Might Want to.

Twitter continues to surge in new users as well as a business tool. The simple yet functional social network allows you to scan, search and quickly follow trending topics of interest.   Twitter is free and can instantly connect you with the “Twittersphere.” Business that have discovered the advantages of Twitter have built a solid base of “followers” who actually want to hear what they have to say about themselves and their business. It has undoubtedly created connections and built relationships for many seeking that edge in today’s hyperactive marketplace.

Yet, the popularity of Twitter also comes with many of the catchings of a social networking site; it can drain your company’s resources and transparency does not come easily for some. Furthermore, for companies or brands that do not want to deal with the “social scene,” you still need to be aware of who’s talking about your brand. A recent experiment  was targeted at Heinz and is chronicled here: My Life as H.J. Heinz: Confessions of a Real-Life Twitter Squatter – Advertising Age – Guest Columnists.

On Thursday, February 25 we will offer the third of our Family Business 2.0 webinar series: How to “Tweet” in 5 Minutes or Less Per Day and Why You Would Want To.  Twitter has exploded on the scene in the last year. It has rapidly evolved and some suggest even changed the way we will communicate in the future. Should your business be on Twitter and who should be in charge of it? Is Twitter here to stay, and who really cares about “What I am doing now?”

This webinar will also feature John Pepper, CEO of Boloco, the New England based maker of inspired burritos. John “tweets” from his Twitter page at:

In this online workshop you will learn:

  • How to not let “Twitter” be a time suck
  • Tools to monitor your brand as well as your competitors
  • The value of personal voice and transparency

Nicole Ravlin, co-founder of People Making Good, will once again lead us in this discussion. Our first two webinars on “Social Networking Tools” and “Facebook” were both filled to capacity with family business owners from Vermont to California and from Canada to Venezuela. PMG is a public relations firm located in Burlington, VT which partners with socially and environmentally responsible businesses.  During the past three years Nicole has worked with clients to help incorporate WOM (Word Of Mouth) marketing into their overall strategic marketing and sales plans to help build her clients’ brands and impact their bottom lines.

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