A Quirky Kluster of Tips from Ben Kaufman

I recently had the chance to hear Ben Kaufman of Quirky (@QuirkyInc) speak at the Vermont Venture Network April breakfast. Ben has been a VVN regular since he launched Mophie as a Champlain College student. Following the sale of Mophie, Ben launched Kluster, a social network for innovators. Quirky takes the Kluster idea a step further, and pairs those with the great ideas with the product developers and ultimately distribution channel.

Ben shared his somewhat irreverent Tips for Entrepreneurs. I’ll attempt to encapsulate those tips as best as I can remember. I like lists, and these are pretty honest pointers that most of us can employ in our daily lives:

  1. Constantly generate new ideas – Allow idea creation to be part of your culture.
  2. Find great critics – you want people to tell you something cannot be done or how it should be done better.
  3. Don’t worry about the new; focus on the next – once a new product or competitive arrives, it’s too late.
  4. Set unrealistic deadlines – push people to succeed.
  5. Distract yourself from unrealistic deadlines – don’t be ruled by the calendar and remember to have fun.
  6. Take a deep breath – are you still enjoying what you do?
  7. Have a plan D, E & F – Plans A, B & C rarely work.

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