The Value of Peer Mentoring

The Value of Peer Mentoring.

I stumbled upon this post on the Business Owners Blog, a good collections of advice and tips. While the article focuses on peer mentoring, my attention was grabbed by the concept of “reverse mentorship,” when experts in different fields mentor each other. This is very similar to our CEO and Next Gen groups in the Vermont Family Business Initiative, where owners of different companies meet monthly to continually work through the challenges of growth, succession and legacy. While many business owners may belong to industry groups specific to their trade or product, the CEO and Next Gen groups bring together local owners and leaders from similar yet non-competitive companies. This allows for the individuals to share a common dialog and set of challenges, but also feel comfortable and secure enough to share what keeps them awake at night.

New groups are being formed soon, so please contact me if you are interested in finding out more.

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