Are You Made in the USA?

To you, the phrase “Made in U.S.A.” may denote quality, or pride in what this country can produce, or support for our economy at a time when the easy way to cut costs is to export manufacturing.

It’s great to realize how much of what is made in this country is made by family-owned businesses. FOBs account for 80% of all U.S. companies, produce 68% of all jobs, 50% of all wages. By way of giving credit where credit is long overdue, our organization aims to increase awareness of this backbone of the nation’s economy.

This website is a collaboration of the several dozen family-business education programs across the U.S.A. Most are in universities and create a safe-harbor learning community for family businesses of all sizes, growth stages, and industrial sectors. Here you’ll find links to the programs closest to you and your colleagues as well as links to excellent companies that have chosen to put their money where their mouths are and keep their production here at home.

The collegial association of family business education centers, institutes, and programs that conduct teaching, research, and outreach is known as the Family Business Alliance. We’re proud to supply you with artwork you can freely attach to your U.S.A.-made, family-business-made product or service. Feel free to print it as decals or incorporate it in your packaging design. It’s scalable, so you can modify its size. If you have any problems using this artwork, please email

This site is a work in progress, as the directors of dozens of family-business programs develop their thinking about how this site and its message can be made more useful and informative.

Take a moment and visit the website at: and share your story.

One thought on “Are You Made in the USA?

  1. I’m gratified to hear about this initiative – once again, Vermont is on a short list of innovators! I’ve been following the story and ‘Made in America’ movement spearheaded by ABC News/Diane Sawyer and it’s clear it’s already helping to make a difference. What better container than Family Business for taking this grass roots movement to the next level? It’s a real jobs program that works. The Coaching Center of Vermont will support our participation in any way we can – and will spread the word.

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