Johnson Family Business club elects new slate of officers.

The Johnson Family Business Club at Cornell University announced its new officers for 2016 -2017. Joining the leadership team are the following:

  • President: Bryan Wong
  • Treasurer: Ck Chua
  • VP Communications: William Ng
  • VP Event Planning: Serdar Mizrakci
  • VP Cornell Relations: Ben Rashbaum (undergraduate)
  • VP Public Relations: Alex Messados (undergraduate)

Many thanks go to the outgoing board members: George Read, Tim Batty, Farouk Appiedu, Ben Song and President Christopher Pletcher. Under their leadership, the Johnson Family Business Club grew from a fledgling student club into a professional organization with more than 1oo members.

The Johnson Family Business Club serves as a forum for students with an interest in privately held corporations. The club’s foundational pillars are education, recruitment and networking. The club has hosted frequent meetings and numerous campus events and a CWG (career work group) for emerging leaders in family enterprise. Among the most popular events on the schedule are the CEO speaker series. The next event will feature Johnson alumni Dwight Vicks III visiting campus on December 1 to share the story of Vicks Lithograph and Printing, a 97 year old family business in Utica, NY. The event is open to the public.


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