Participate in family business research 

Two family business surveys are currently being conducted. Participants should either be business owners or leaders of enterprise.

1. Family Enterprise USA conducts an annual Family Business Survey to take the temperature of family business owners; where they are succeeding and where they remain challenged.

2. Alice Brawley is a Ph.D. student at Clemson University researching small family businesses’ success for her dissertation. Specifically, she’s studying how a few ways of managing employees could enhance employee performance, employee retention, and customer service quality. If you have 1-9 employees in your business, please consider completing this short survey. Alice looks forward to sharing a short report of her findings with the Smith Family Business Initiative.

The survey focuses on a few ways of managing employees and how that enhances employee retention, employee performance, and customer service quality. This is also a project I’m very passionate about – I got into this area based on my own experience growing up in my parents’ family business, so I’d like to contribute to the success of these really common, really critical businesses in the US.

All surveys are confidential and their findings are important data points in our understanding of what makes family enterprise unique. Please feel free to forward and share.


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