The story of Nurse Next Door

The story of Nurse Next Door: Uncovering your values and putting them into practice – a matter of sheer survival!

Having grown their start-up to 1,000 employees, John DeHart (Cornell ’96)  and his co-founder knew their company was doomed if they didn’t make a major shift. They dismissed 40% of their corporate staff and embarked on a journey to identify what their values are. Most importantly, they decided how these values would be implemented in daily operations. Following through was everything. They hire their people on 50% skills and experience, and 50% value fit. The value-interview is done by a different person who can’t be the future supervisor. Today they have 140 offices with 7,000 employees. Keeping seniors out of nursing homes!

Key Lessons:

  • Identify your values and make them intentional
  • Operationalize your values: You don’t want your employees to be cynical about values that are only declared but not lived.
  • Integrity and passion are entry conditions, not core values
  • An intentional culture vs. one by default (direction dictated by circumstances)
  • Once values are clear, decisions are easy (Walt Disney)
  • Everything and everyone that doesn’t fit your values should go! You can’t be everything to everyone. This also means firing customers.
  • Go through all your policies and delete or change those not compliant with your values.

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