2017 FEUSA Family Business Survey

downloadFamily Enterprise USA is a 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to educating lawmakers and growing public support for family businesses across America. Each year, Family Enterprise USA surveys business owners across the country to learn about their challenges and ensures that their voices are heard on Capitol Hill. The survey is open from February 23 to March 17.

This year, more than any year in the past two decades, family businesses are at the forefront of many discussions in Washington D.C., and legislation impacting them will happen faster than it has in many years. For that reason, it is critical that legislators hear from family businesses more than any other years in the past.

Similar to last year, the 2017 FEUSA survey topics will include:

  • Awareness of the number of jobs created by American family businesses
  • The estate tax’s devastating impact on family businesses
  • Competition and challenges facing family-owned businesses
  • Public economic priorities
  • Philanthropic giving and community involvement of family businesses

They are seeking family business owners who would be willing to contribute to this year’s survey. All participation is confidential and anonymous.

If you would like to participate in the 2017 survey, please click here.

If you like to read the 2016 report, please click here to download it.

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