Cornell student profile: Heena Sadhwani

Name: Heena Sadhwani

Program: Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management

Hometown: Alpine, NJ

Family Business: Jewelry Manufacturing

Post-Cornell Employer: TBD

Favorite Hobbies: Reading, Bollywood Dance

What are some of the benefits of being part of a family business?

Benefits of being part of a family business are the range of areas that you can observe and learn first hand. The speed at which you’re exposed to areas happens much faster than other companies. Also, there is a sense of accountability and responsibility that makes the environment more exciting!

What have you learned from being part of a family business?

I’ve learned to work with team members from all backgrounds and age ranges. I also understand deeply what motivates certain individuals and their particular working styles. This allows me to adapt to perhaps their style of working or understand how to better collaborate with them.

What were your goals coming to Cornell?

My goals in joining Cornell were to develop a sense of community within the program and also with individuals from a family business background. Learning from each other, sharing advice on how to scale a business or even with everyday issues that come up provide great insight. I was also hoping to join classes that would be outside of my comfort zone and even areas I’d like to gain further exposure in to develop a holistic understanding and framework.

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