Student Profile: Joseph Cappello

Name: Joseph Cappello

Program: Executive MBA Americas

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Post-Cornell Employer: State of Oklahoma

Favorite Hobbies: Car restoration, personal investing

How has being part of a family business helped you achieve your goals?

Having a family business has both helped me achieve my career goals and has strengthened the bonds within my family. Family businesses have the capability to become unique learning experiences for family members because the trust built within a family can lead to trust as business partners. The personal development you can obtain while working in a family business is unmatched.

What have you learned from the being part of a family business?

Being a part of a family business has forced me to always consider the long-term impact of my business decisions. The understanding that my decisions can have long-lasting impacts on both my family and the business has caused me to become more thoughtful and deliberate in my actions. There is a level of responsibility when running a family business unlike any other.

What were your goals coming to Cornell?

My goals coming to Cornell are to build connections with the amazing community and strengthen my business acumen to eventually start my own business. It’s been a fantastic experience learning about my classmate’s backgrounds, skills, and hobbies. They have inspired me and have given me the confidence to use my new skillsets and connections to build a business from the ground up.

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