Family Business Resources

Family Enterprise Research Conference

The Family Enterprise Research Conference (FERC) is dedicated to developing a community of scholars interested in conducting research into understanding family firms and creating usable knowledge in this field. The site also include links to many other family business resources such as courses taught, surveys and research findings.

Family Business Wiki

A Wikipedia, or “wiki” is a collection of web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content. Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and to power community websites. The Family Business Wiki was developed to assist family business owners as a first-stop global resource for knowledge and links to other resources about family business.

Family Business Magazine

The essential magazine and on-line resource for the family owned business. On-line access to recent articles is available to subscribers of Family Business Magazine.

The Family Business Consulting Group

The Family Business Consulting Group’s insights help you build trust, settle disputes, provide for orderly succession, and dramatically increase your family’s wealth.

This is a resource for family business executives and owners with links to several family business programs in the U.S.

 U.S. Small Business Administration

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created by Congress in 1953 to help America’s entrepreneurs form successful small enterprises. Today, SBA’s program offices in every state offer financing, training and advocacy for small firms.

Foundations and Organizations

Business Families Foundation

The Business Families Foundation main contribution is to provide neutral space to articulate and discuss the issues facing business families; explore available and potential solutions; translate the dialogue into meaningful and practical educational materials and experiences; and, help develop a network of regional, sustainable educational hubs for business families.

Family Firm Institute

The Family Firm Institute (FFI) is an international professional organization dedicated to assisting family firms by increasing the interdisciplinary skills and knowledge of family business.

The Family Business Network

F.B.N. is an independent not-for-profit association that organizes activities and provides educational and networking opportunities for family businesses, with the help of world-renowned consultants and academics, in order to create and disseminate knowledge, exchange experiences and build relationships.

UMass Family Business Center

The UMass Family Business Center is a learning community that helps you: Strategize the transition to the next generation, professionalize through use of more formal governance structures, trade on family strengths, and inoculate from liabilities. Treat your business like a business and your family like a family.

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